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Endolift® – minimally invasive lifting

Endolift is a method of minimally invasive laser lifting and lipolysis, the main effect of which is to tighten sagging skin and dissolve fat sacs at the same time.

It is particularly suitable for rejuvenating facial areas such as the double chin, nasolabial folds, lower eyelids, neck, as well as arms, abdomen, thighs and knees.

Endolift is a one-time treatment without the need for a repeat.



Endolift, ilustracni obrazek
  • Povislá kůže na krku a obličeji
  • Dvojitá brada
  • Dolní víčka
  • Nasolabiální (nosoretní) rýhy
  • Povislá kůže a tukové polštářky na stehnech, kolenou a břiše
Účinek ošetření Endolift®

Hlavním účinkem ošetření Endolift® je vypnutí povislé kůže a současně rozpouštění tukových vaků, a to v těchto partiích:

  • mandibulární hranice a marionetové linie
  • dvojitá brada
  • střední část obličeje a nasolabiální rýhy
  • spodní víčka
  • obočí
  • krk
  • vnitřní paže
  • břicho
  • vnitřní strana stehen
  • kolena
  • kotník

Endolift® lze provést bez anestezie, ale pokud se ošetřují zvláště citlivé oblasti (oční víčka, tváře), lze použít anestezii podle volby operátora.

Endolift® – minimally invasive lifting and lipolysis

What parts can ENDOLIFT® improve?What is Endolift®?

This is a new method aimed at reducing sagging skin and accumulated fat, especially in the lower half of the face, chin and neck. It is thus an effective alternative to facelift, but it can also serve in other parts of the body. As a minimally invasive laser facelift and lipolysis, Endolift has gained popularity worldwide mainly because it is a relatively simple and safe procedure that delivers immediate and visible results. The aim of this method is to lift the tissues. This is done using a laser fiber optic as thin as a human hair and a laser beam.

How does ENDOLIFT® work?

Endolift, a minimally invasive laser lift, is performed on an outpatient basis using a special laser micro-optic fiber that is inserted under the skin. This moves the classic laser treatment with a wavelength of 1470nm directly into the subcutaneous tissue, where it performs its best function: the laser beam specifically reacts with water and fat here.

This fibre is inserted under the skin for the necessary time to deliver the laser energy directly to the subcutaneous tissue, without having to pass through the superficial layers of the skin (epidermis and dermis). This is one of the many advantages this procedure has over other methods.


What parts can ENDOLIFT® improve?

Endolift is currently used on various parts of the face and body and provides safe, reproducible and proven results. Areas of the skin where Endolift® can be successfully performed include the following:

Mandibular borders (facial oval) and marionette lines (sagging corners).

  • double chin, lower chin
  • midface and nasolabial folds
  • lower eyelids
  • eyebrows
  • neck
  • inner arm
  • abdomen
  • inner thighs
  • knees
  • ankle


The advantage of the Endolift® treatment is that there is no need for repetition, the effect occurs after one treatment.

Is anesthesia needed for Endolift®?

Endolift® can be performed without anesthesia, but when treating particularly sensitive areas such as the eyelids or cheeks, anesthesia may be used at the option of the treating physician.

Before the Endolift® treatment

The treatment is preceded by a consultation with a doctor and then the standard procedure:

  • medical history
  • previous treatments
  • the client’s expectations
  • clarification of the therapy
  • photographs before
  • informed consent
  • instructions for the procedure


Endolift® treatment procedure

It is a procedure performed by a physician on an outpatient basis at a certified facility using superficial anesthesia. The patient does not feel pain. The fibre is easily inserted into the skin and subcutaneous tissue, where it is then moved in slow fan-like movements, and these channels, which determine the direction of the lift, achieve the desired result.

At the same time, it is possible to target the fat deposits that most commonly affect the chin. The cheeks, jawline and chin and neck area are mainly treated.

The duration of the entire procedure depends on the size of the area and can range from 15 to 45 minutes. The results are immediate, although the final result is visible 2 to 3 months after treatment. After these initial results, the process of tissue remodeling continues and becomes more apparent after 6 or even 12 months and beyond.

After Endolift® treatment – recovery and healing

After the procedure, the patient is able to return to everyday life immediately. In our experience, there are no dramatic reactions after the procedure, only mild redness and swelling, which will naturally subside within a few hours. We usually recommend that patients undergo a lymphatic drainage session a few days after the procedure.

Result of the Endolift® treatment

Endolift® remodels collagen and stimulates photobiomodulation of connective tissue, resulting in a skin tightening effect. This method reduces skin laxity, smoothing out superficial wrinkles, resulting in an overall densification of the skin that is immediately visible and continues over the weeks following treatment.

What is the cost of Endolift® treatment

The price of the Endolift® treatment depends on the part in question. The advantage compared to other comparable procedures is that it is a one-time procedure. This means that the effect is visible after a single treatment and there is no need to repeat the procedure. The price of the Endolift® treatment at Elizabeth Beauty Concept is 20,000 CZK for the smaller area during the introductory event, and 35,000 CZK for the entire lower half of the face and chin.

Other facial rejuvenation options

There are many other methods that achieve a rejuvenated appearance that can be combined with the Endolift® treatment. If these are single wrinkles, then they can be removed by the application of neurotoxin (BTX) or wrinkle fillers can be used with hyaluronic acid. For rejuvenation and brightening of the skin, rejuvenation with the skin’s own blood, chemical peels or one of the mesotherapy methods are suitable.

If you are at a loss as to which method is right for you, book a consultation to discuss your options together.


Zákrok nevyžaduje anestezii, je zcela bezbolestný.


Zákrok nevyžaduje anestezii, je zcela bezbolestný.

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Před a po fotografie Endolift®

Endolift - profil, před a po fotografie, lifting krku a podbradku
Před a po fotografie po zákroku Endolift - MUDr. Elizabeth Pavlíčková, PhD., Elizabeth Beauty Clinic

Fotografie před a 3 měsíce po zákroku Endolift®, výsledky se nadále zlepšují

Endolift - minimálně invazivní lifting krku a podbradku, před a po fotografie
Endolift® - před a 3 měsíce po zákroku, Elizabeth Beauty Concept

Fotografie před a 3 měsíce po zákroku Endolift®, výsledky se nadále zlepšují

Endolift® - před a 5 týdnů po zákroku, stav se nadále optimalizuje

Fotografie před a 5 týdnů po zákroku Endolift®, výsledky se nadále zlepšují

Endolift - před a po fotografie z profilu
Endolift® - před a 5 týdnů po zákroku, stav se nadále optimalizuje

Fotografie před a 5 týdnů po zákroku Endolift® z profilu, výsledky se nadále zlepšují

Cena Endolift®

Zaváděcí akce -15%

Obličej a podbradek

35 000 Kč

Obličej, podbradek a krk

45 000 Kč

Obličej, oči, podbradek a krk

50 000 Kč

Cena Endolift® obličej
Zóny ošetření1 zóna2 zóny
Větší zóny:
obličej, krk
30 000 Kč40 000 Kč
Malé zóny:
oční váčky, podbradek, horní ret
20 000 Kč25 000 Kč


Cena Endolift® Tělo
Oblasti ošetřeníCena
Břichood 30 000 Kč
Vnitřní stehnaod 35 000 Kč
Pažeod 30 000 Kč
Kolenaod 25 000 Kč
Zadní stehna a hýžděod 45 000 Kč


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