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NEW: IncoChair - the incontinence solution that fits

Do you experience urinary leakage? Does physiotherapy help, but you would like to do something more for yourself? We have the solution! Using an innovative and effective method of magnetotherapy, we will relieve you from incontinence in a non-invasive way, without pain and long recovery. So, come and sit in our IncoChair and get rid of the uncomfortable urine leakage permanently.

NEW: InShape body contouring

Strengthen your abdominal muscles, shape your sexy butt and reduce fat in areas where exercise doesn’t work. With InShape Magnetotherapy, this is now possible even without sweating long hours in the gym. Book an appointment and the results will be coming soon.

Endolift® - non-invasive lifting and lipolysis

The Endolift® method is designed to tighten sagging skin while dissolving fat bags in the face and body. One treatment is all it takes and the effect is guaranteed. Interested in more information? Schedule a consultation.

Aesthetic and laser medicine

We will respect your natural appearance and emphasize your individual characteristics. We can help you slow down time and preserve a fresh, youthful appearance. Under the expert medical guidance of our dermatologists, of course.

Body Care

The skin is the largest human organ and covers the entire body. That’s why we do not only deal with procedures in the facial area, but we also help our clients to improve problematic parts of the body.

Health Care

A person’s overall health is reflected in their inner well-being and appearance. That’s why it’s crucial for us to treat the causes of skin diseases, hair loss or excess weight, rather than just focusing on their consequences.

Trichological cunsultation

There can be various reasons for hair loss. We figure them out together with the client and define an individual treatment plan.

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Beauty is a gift. Make a gift of health and beauty.

Elizabeth Beauty Concept

Beauty, health and care in one place. For your confidence and satisfaction.

Elizabeth Beauty Concept

“Beauty, health and care all in one”

MUDr. Elizabeth Pavlíčková, M.D., PhD.

Elizabeth Pavlíčková, MD, PhD. is a sought-after expert in aesthetic medicine, dermatology and trichology. She has gained experience both in domestic clinics and abroad in Great Britain, Germany, Ghana. She speaks several languages and can satisfy even the most demanding clientele. In addition to aesthetic dermatology and anti-aging medicine, she is involved in comprehensive care, health diagnosis, weight loss and hair examination.

The Elizabeth Beauty Concept Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic was founded by Elizabeth Pavlíčková, MD, PhD. out of a desire to attend to patients individually, addressing their beauty and dermatological concerns, as well as other needs that often interfere with the psychosomatic area as a whole.

Our Services

Aesthetic and laser medicine

  • Wrinkle smoothing and filling
  • Rejuvenation with your own blood
  • Lip augmentation
  • Laser medicine
  • Non-invasive facelift

Body care


  • Comprehensive weight loss programs
  • Laser liposuction
  • Lifting of flaccid areas of the body
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Body shaping

Health care


  • Customized vitamin infusions
  • Spectral analysis of vitamins in the body
  • Mole examination and melanoma prevention
  • Solving the problem of incontinence

Hair Centre


  • Complex hair examination
  • Genetic testing
  • Special digital hair examination
  • Blood draws and other examinations

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