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Analysis of vitamins and minerals

Hair loss is often caused by deficiency or imbalance of important minerals and trace elements, or by an increased presence of toxic metals in the body. In order to determine the hair therapy that will lead successfully to the goal, it is important to ascertain the level of these elements in the body. Spectral analysis of vitamins and metals for trichological purpose takes a few minutes and is completely painless and non-invasive.

Spektrální analýza minerálů a kovů při padání vlasů
  • to prescribe the exact amount of dietary supplements
  • to perform targeted blood tests when a health problem is suspected
  • to detect biochemical imbalances in the body
  • to prescribe a tailor-made infusion therapy
  • to map tissue vitamins and hormonal imbalances
  • to detect imbalance of tissue proteins, lipids and sugars
  • to perform a specialised expertise for the causes of hair loss
Application areas

The examination is completely non-invasive and is performed from the palm of the hand.


The procedure does not require anesthesia.

Spectral analysis of vitamins and metals

It is a device according to modern Oligoscan technology, which allows easy diagnosis of cell metabolism. It is an easy, quick and painless way to determine the level of minerals, trace elements and heavy metals in tissues. The method allows to assess the level of oxidative stress and the nature of metabolism in the body. The result and interpretation is evaluated by both the physician and the AI software, making them a great complement to blood draws, which in turn tell us about extracellular metabolism.

The principle of the method

Oligoscan measures values using spectrophotometry, which is a specific beam of light. Each substance absorbs and emits light in a specific wavelength range. The greater the concentration of a substance, the more light it absorbs. This allows a quantitative analysis to be carried out. Spectrophotometry is already used in laboratories, chemistry, biology and industry.

 What the test will diagnose

  • 20 essential minerals and trace elements
  • 14 heavy (toxic) metals
  • the balance of essential minerals in the body: calcium-magnesium, calcium-phosphorus, potassium-sodium, copper-zinc
  • the level of oxidative stress in the body.

The resulting assessment is checked against a large database of clinical studies and articles and interpreted by an artificial intelligence system. The test does not replace other methods such as blood and urine tests, but complements them very appropriately. The blood test is based on the analysis of the body fluid that circulates throughout the body, outside the cells, and is thus an indirect indicator of what is happening inside them. Oligoscan technology “looks” directly into the cells and is thus able to tell how the cell metabolism is doing, which substances are missing or in excess, and thus explain why our metabolism is not working as it should.

Based on this test, we can then tell if we need to do, for example, more detailed blood draws, or determine the internal cause of acne or hair loss, or suggest a precise schedule for infusion therapy, etc.

The test takes 6 seconds and is completely non-invasive – all we need is your palm. The only thing you need to know in advance is your blood type.

The analysis of vitamins and metals in the body is part of a comprehensive hair examination.


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Sample result of spectral analysis of vitamins and metals


Spektrální analýza prvků v těle


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